Mid-month Update

August 16, 2006

I don’t know what sort of feedback Per has been getting on his posts, but here in Cobble Hill, I’ve been getting bricks through the window, phone calls, paper airplanes up the nose–all with hastily scrawled messages demanding to know what happened. So here’s the skinny:

-The percolator is still active, and is still very much a percolator, not an Italian Moka Monster, or whatever it is that the comment bulllies kept insisting on. And yes, the perc coffee is deliciously strong: I reorganized the closets and the medicine cabinet.

-It seems as though library has dropped it efforts to ruin me. They deleted my account and cancelled the collection proceedings. This is disapointing; it was lots of fun complaining about the Kafka-inian bureaucracy. But at least I’ll be able to qualify for a mortgage once I save up the half-million I’ll need for a down payment on a home around here.

-No reply yet from the weasels trying to sneak through three watermelons in a row in their fruit alphabet. Could this horrifying state of affairs push a certain *cough* someone to launch her own fruit alphabet page? Stay tuned.



One Response to “Mid-month Update”

  1. anneandper Says:

    I’ll start the vegetable page!  –Per

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